Introducing the new MacAmbulance subscription plans

Why should we subscribe?

A simple email to create a new user on a server, or restore a file from a backup, may only take 5-10 minutes to process and complete but multiply that by anything up to 25 client contacts per day and the time soon mounts up. In order to maintain an acceptable level of responsiveness, we have decided to introduce a subscription-based service to cover minor and incidental issues.

All business clients are required to sign up for the Regular package, pre-purchasing half an hour of time per month. Heavy-usage clients, those with more than 10 employees or servers which require regular maintenance will require the Premium support package.

Subscribe to Premium

Subscribe to Regular

What does the subscription cover?

  • Timely responses (within 12 working hours) to emails & phone calls, actioning any minor requests such as user creation or file restoration
  • Minor remote sessions (less than 15 minutes)

What does the Premium package add?

  • Better response times for emails & phone calls (within 6 working hours)
  • Monthly server health check, including backup, possible hardware issues, software updates

What’s not included?

  • On-site engineer time
  • Remote sessions greater than 15 minutes

What if we don’t subscribe?

All emails and phone calls will be answered and requests processed but subscribers will be prioritised. Large companies above 10 employees are required to sign up for at least the Regular package.

How are payments handled?

Payments are made via Direct Debit, enabled securely by GoCardless. You will receive an automatically generated invoice each month.