Yosemite PDF Font errors

Font problems when exporting to a PDF under OS X Yosemite

4th Dec 2014

A client reported that exporting a PDF from any application under OS X Yosemite (10.10 or 10.10.1) her fonts were becoming corrupted and appearing incorrectly. The issue arose specifically when using the font Aleo but wasn’t restricted to just that font.

The initial document in Word looked ok (despite the annoying grammar-check errors) :

OS X Yosemite PDF export font issues :

But when exported as a PDF using File > Print > Save as PDF, the fonts weren’t appearing correctly :

OS X Yosemite PDF export font issues : PDF Export

The issue was resolved by converting the OpenType formatted font to TrueType using this web-based converter, the fonts then began to appear correctly on exported PDFs :

OS X Yosemite PDF export font issues : Correct fonts are TTF conversion